Paludarium DAY 39: pH 7.6, temp 78, nitrites 0

The last couple of days I have only seen 1 shrimp running around. Since I had 2 very active ones previously, it makes me wonder if I lost more shrimp. It’s hard to tell if this is the same individual I keep seeing or not. No dead shrimp bodies anywhere though.

The assassin has been running around, but seems to have little impact on the prolific pond snail population.

The plants (MOST of them) have been GROWING. The lily has doubled its footprint, although it doesn’t seem any taller. One of the palm fronds has gotten taller. I’d like to increase the water depth a bit but can’t until the other fronds do as well. Currently 2 of them have their leaves sitting in water.

There is a small amount of algae build-up on some of the shells.
I have yet to vacuum the gravel, though I know I should.

I’ve been doing a little over a 1/2gal water change twice a week. Sometimes I also do smaller water changes throughout the week as well. On average, I’d say its a weekly 1 & 1/2 gal water change. The water I pull out from the tank goes directly into my watering can to water my house plants. It’s a simple, nutrient rich water recycling that seems to be working well.

I’m going to be building my own carbon dioxide delivery system soon. I know that will hugely improve the happiness of the baby tears. Carbon dioxide alters the pH, so I will have to be careful, as mine is usually high anyway.

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Chino Otsuka Time Travels By Splicing Herself Into Her Childhood Photographs - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design

Interesting and erie photographs

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Women in the workplace


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Paludaruim Journaling

DAY 16: pH 7.6 temp 78
Observed 3 of the shrimp & the assassin. Added a little water. Did I lose a shrimp?

DAY 23: pH 7.6 temp 78
Observed 3 of the shrimp & the assassin. Water changes + shrimp = nicely clear water. Assassin doesn’t seem to be keeping up with pond snails„ per suggestion, added a leaf of lettuce to lure pond snails. This trapped 7 or so which got flicked to fend for themselves outside. Can pond snails live in a yard? I’m not going to think about it.

DAY 30: pH 7.6 temp 78
I’ve been seeing 4 shrimp hanging out several times this week, but today I only see 3, which appear to be molting. The lily is noticeably bigger. Haven’t seen the assassin around lately. I adjusted the pH down a smidge.

I’ve received some nice compliments on how things look & surprise that I only have the little sponge filter, but such clear water. The tank is a serene thing to look at. I need to look up how long the critters in it usually live.

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A Truth Window (or truth wall) is an opening in a wall surface, created to reveal the layers or components within the wall. (via Pin by Sugar Blisters on Caught My Eye | Pinterest)

A Truth Window (or truth wall) is an opening in a wall surface, created to reveal the layers or components within the wall. (via Pin by Sugar Blisters on Caught My Eye | Pinterest)

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Day 13:
 pH 7.6, temp 80 degrees, KH 5, nitrites 0.  Saw 3, possibly 4 live shrimp.  Left things completely alone for a week.  Didn’t use the light because that is what is causing the temperature fluctuations.  Plants look a little healthier now that it is cooler, with the BIG exception being the baby tears, which hasn’t had enough light.  Pond snails EVERYWHERE.  Added a very finely-pored sponge filter to my powerhead (shrimp safe) and changed out the light.  Put in a new shrimp wafer but then took it out, as they didn’t seem interested (to avoid over-feeding). 

Bought an assassin snail.  They will eat about a pond snail a day and can also eat the same food as the shrimp.  They get along with shrimp and can live in the same wate conditions.  I’m going to do a slow introduction this time.  I asked for an extra large bag filled with its own aquarium water to bring it home.  I did a small water exchange between that water and my tank water today.  I will do the same thing for a few days until all of the water has been completely changed over and will then add this snail to my tank.  Hopefully it will make it.  I only got one because it is only for killing the pond snails and no other function.  Above you can see pictures of the ghost shrimp I found in the tank today.

Paludarium DAY 13: pH 7.6, temp 78 degrees, KH 5, nitrites 0

Everything started off fairly well with the paludarium.  By day 3 I saw a shrimp baby swimming around.  I then started running into problems.  Here are some notes on what happened:

Day 3: pH 7.2 & temp of 83 degrees.  Trouble maintaining temperature.  Slight filming on the water.  Shrimp birth.  2 dead shrimp found.  Pond snails appeared.  Added almost 1/2 gal of pre-treated water.

Day 4: pH 7.2 & temp 76 degrees.  Found 3 more dead shrimp.  Added baggy of frozen water to bring the temperature down to current range.  More snails.  Can’t see baby shrimp anymore.

Day 5: pH 7.4 & temp 76 degrees.  Found 2 more dead shrimp.  Total is now up to 7, which is more than half the population.  Looked up online and talked to aquarium expert.  I introduced them too quickly.  I should have waited until the tank was a couple weeks old and did a slower introduction with a water exchange to get them moved actually into the tank.  I also might be overfeeding them, which speeds up their metabolism too fast & they die.

Day 6: pH 7.3 & temp 78 degrees.  More ice, had to adjust pH down.  Maybe I don’t have enough pH buffering capability in my water?  Found 1 more dead shrimp.  8 known dead from 12 original.  Not counting baby in the total.  Did a small water exchange & cleaned up some dead plant material.  I can only see 1 live shrimp.

Paludarium completely setup DAY 1.  pH: 7.1, temp: 82 degrees

This will be interesting to watch grow in.  I’ll post pictures of its progress; as the water lily shoots its leaves to the surface, the java moss takes over the spiderwood and the staurogyne & baby tears take over the rocks.  The bella palm will also reach higher to the sky.  Hopefully the ghost shrimp will successfully breed and keep the environment algae-free.

Tap water isn’t the best idea.  There can be a pH issue, chlorine, not enough minerals or too many minerals.  In order to balance the water conditions to be what I want, I got some water conditioner designed to make the water shrimp safe & plant nutrients to add in.  The shells I’m putting in the tank are good for calcium but also increase the pH, so I picked up a pH testing kit with a +/- pH adjuster too.

I picked up some aquarium safe epoxy for $12 and used it to glue a bunch of river rocks onto the fish castle.  I want a more natural look in the tank, but turning the castle on its side & gluing rocks to it gave it a new life for my purposes.  This will hide the immediate view of the powerhead, as well as build a higher plane for the bella palm (chamaedorea elegans), which can get its feet wet, but needs its leaves out of the water.  It also will give a tunnel for the shrimp that will always remain fairly dark and cooler in temperature if they need it.