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Sexually progressive cultures gave us mathematics, literature, philosophy, civilization and the rest, while sexually restrictive cultures gave us the Dark Ages and the Holocaust. Not that I’m trying to load my argument, of course.

What’s Your Number?

According to a survey of adults aged 20 to 59, women have an average of four sex partners during their lifetime; men have an average of seven.  What’s your number?

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Him: Are you bisexual?
Her: Why? Because I like to look at naked women?
Him: Well... yes.
Her: Aren't we all? At least a little?
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Seizure Makes Woman Mistake Herself For a Man | LiveScience

"I’m no longer feeling to be a female," the scientists reported her saying.

I’m so stereotypical.


I was browsing the Yahoo! Launchcast stations. The Pop station was really beginning to bore me, so I decided I should change. In the “Dance/Electronica” category, there was a station called “Gay Club Mix.” I don’t really like club music, but I was like, “Hey, I’m gay, I might like it!” Of course, I was skeptical. How the hell can they tell what gay people like?

I’ve been listening to it for hours now.

I love every song.

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